Friday, January 22, 2016


Just a notice, that once the thirteenth chapter of The 24th Hunger Games is uploaded here, the rest of my writing will be uploaded on Wattpad for copyright purposes.  This includes short stories, fanfiction, and original stories.

Books Already On there:

-The 24th Hunger Games: The Victor that Started It All
-The Collection: Short Stories and Misfits
-The Power of the Uchiha
-The Blood Throne Chronicles: A King Born of Darkness
-The Calm After the Storm (Contest submission)

I highly recommend signing up for Wattpad (It's free, and you can use an email address or facebook to sign in) and following me on there if you enjoyed this work.  If you want to make the transition, here is the link to my profile:

Wattpad: AWriterCanDream  
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