The Making of the 24th

Following the Creative Process of the Writing

-Characters, Influences, Music, and Research

Research video on the Reaping:

Because what is a Hunger Game without its Reaping?

And a little bit of Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin is Awesome.):

Characters You Should Get to Know:

Kaede Johnson 

-Age: 17
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green
Ethnicity: White
District: 7 (Male Tribute)
Known Weakness: Weak/Injured Left Hand

Ashley Brown

Age: 16
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: White
District: 7 (Female Tribute)

Berkeley Wilson

Age: 20
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: White
District: 7 (18th Hunger Games Victor- Only District 7 Victor/Mentor)

Devri Vermillion

Age: 30
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Orange
Ethnicity: African American
Capitol Escort for District 7

Atlas by Coldplay (For Catching Fire)

Another Video of Finnick

Character Tribute belongs to: ShiningStar4Y2
(I can't get enough of how much this song fits Finnick)

More Characters To Know:


Hair: Blue (Short)
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: White
Capitol- In charge of Makeup 


Hair: Magenta
Eyes: Green
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Capitol: In charge of Makeup


Hair: Sunset Yellow
Eyes: Brown with flecks of gold
Ethnicity: White
Capitol Stylist

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