Since I've decided to eventually focus on wattpad, I wanted to have a chance to explain the website and its offerings to those who are on the fence on whether to join.

-It's free, so all you need to sign up for an account is an email address, or you can log in with your facebook account.
-There are millions of other readers/writers on there, some are published authors, some are aspiring authors that are really good.
-All the genres and more are there: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, Young Adult, Short story, War, Romance, and many more, along with Fanfiction.
-All my work will be posted there, so if you join, you can still enjoy the 24th Hunger Games, and many more of the pieces I have written.
-You can follow me on there and be notified when I post, and hey, I generally follow my followers right back.  You can message me, comment, and vote on the chapters of the story as well, so the interaction level is much better.
-You also have the option to simply just read, and not interact.  (I know we aren't all in favor of leaving a major online footprint)

Try it out, and check out my profile.  I hope this makes the move somewhat smoother, and enjoyable for everyone.

AWriterCanDream   (Click on this link and it should take you straight to the profile)
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