The 24th Hunger Games

Welcome to the 24th Hunger Games!

-And may the odds be ever in your favor.

The Capitol is preparing for its first quarter quell and many suspect that the twenty-fourth games will be a test; a test to see how cruel and terrifying the next can be.  Kaede, chosen as tribute for district seven is not expected to win, his disability hindering any chance he hopes of survival.  With only himself to rely on, and an entire array of other children-all set on their own survival-who will win the 24th Hunger Games, and find the odds actually in their favor?

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Part 1: Kaede 

 Part 2: The Capitol

  Part 3: Clash and Carnage

Part 4:Offense

Part 5: Disaster

Part 6 : Alliance

Part 7: Encounter

Part 8: Burned

Part 9: Showdown

Part 10: Submission

Part 11: The Hanging Tree

Tribute List:

                                                Tribute Score

District One:

-Chrome (Male)  10
-Lux (Female) 8

District Two:

-Mason (Male) 11
-Titania (Female) 9

District Three:

-Beta (Male) 5
-Tera (Female) 6

District Four:

-Connor (Male) 6
-Alice (Female) 6

District Five:

-Graham (Male) 5
-Marie (Female) 4

District Six:

-Bentley (Male) 5
-Carrera (Female) 6

District Seven:

-Kaede (Male) 9
-Ashley (Female) 6

District Eight:

-Denim (Male) 4
-Silk (Female) 5

District Nine:

-Barric (Male) 7
-Zea (Female) 6

District Ten:

-Brin (Male) 8
-Dylan (Female) 5

District Eleven:

-Quince (Male) 9
-Kiwi (Female) 8

District Twelve:

-Dale (Male) 6
-Iris (Female) 4

Rating for all chapters: T for (blood, child violence, possible gore, and possible mild language)
Not suggested for younger audiences.

*Disclaimer: Character Names and Writing is mine, Concept of Districts, and Hunger Games are not, the world of the Hunger Games trilogy is Suzanne Collin's.  
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