Friday, February 12, 2016

The 24th Hunger Games: Part Thirteen: Bonus: Johanna

“Make him pay for it,”-Johanna, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

            She knew what had happened to him.  The details weren’t important in this case, but the fact weighed down on her, her eyes falling on the empty seat that had remained that way since its owner had disappeared.
            As simply a citizen of district seven, she had never guessed at the absence of that one victor, happy with the inkling of a life her family had given her.  As a victor though, she was alone, her family gone, and the Capitol becoming the ringleader in her now circus of a life.  She had learned the lesson Snow wanted her to, but too late, the consequences now burning a hole in her heart.  Why she had ever thought that he had ever made empty threats was beyond her.  There were plenty of victors who had changed drastically when they had won, and most weren’t due to fame.  God, she even knew one, but Snow had made a mistake and he would pay.  For now though, she was fine with waiting as long as in the end Snow would get it.
            A Capitol man walked out on the stage, turning to her first and shaking her hand with a smile.  She smiled back, fake to the core, but he was oblivious in his perfect little world.  Oh, how she craved to see his face when that all ended.
            Crowded into the packed square were the people of district seven, all of them forced to stand while this show carried on.  The parents and children looked equally nervous, some of the kids glancing at her and the few other victors their district could boast.  Beside her, Blight shifted, also aware of the stares aimed at them; aware of the small hope their presence gave.  While both of them served as mentors, Blight was the one who excelled at helping to prep the tributes.  She, on the other hand, couldn’t afford to even be remotely attached.  If one of the tributes survived, then good for them.  If neither did, no emotional pain to her.  It was cold and callous, but it kept her going, and that was all she cared for at this point.  She had already lost too much to become attached to doomed children.
            The Capitol took and took without giving anything back; an action that destroyed more than its lowest castes.  Many of its citizens heralded Snow, but many knew nothing of the monster that had risen ever since the twenty-fourth hunger games.  They hadn’t noticed the Victor that went missing in the height of his life, gone mad with the same loss she knew now.  The people of Panem were the blind sort that only recognized that which hurt them and nothing else.  Johanna remembered him though, and for now that would have to be enough.  His name had been Kaede Johnson, Victor of the twenty-fourth games, and the first in a line of many that Snow had destroyed, life and soul.  She would do this for them, for her family, and more importantly for herself, but there was a definite cost.
            She knew something that the all-knowing Snow didn’t; something that would tear apart his child killing kingdom.  The kind of information that while it made her smile, also meant throwing herself back into the danger that had put her there on stage; there was someone out there that Snow had failed to kill and they would rise.  It was a fact that made her smile darkly even now, facing the very cameras that fed directly to the man.  She would make him pay for everything; the pain, the sorrow, it. 

For all my friends, past and present, I know this isn’t the happy tears ending you may have waited for, but nevertheless it is an ending.  Thank you for sticking with me through all the projects that never came to be.  Here’s to hoping for some more opportunities.

I’d also like to thank the readers who found this story of mine and kept on reading.  You all are the reason I’m able to pull myself together when I hit the wall of writer’s block.  Thank you for your votes, comments, and overall support.  Don’t think I’m leaving you with nothing else to read.

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